So here it is at last! The updated animation of possibly the most important story in the history of Doctor Who…THE POWER OF THE DALEKS!

How good it looks and sounds, proof of how much love and care has been taken. The drawings of the characters are exemplary. What exceptional actors we had and great faces to work with! Pat Troughton’s Doctor comes alive with nuance and whimsy (Ah fruit!) combined with a strength and humour of his voice. That voice!!! It brings back the memories of what an honour it was for Mike Craze and me to work with him, support him and love him.

And then of course there are the Daleks!! What fun the team have had mass-producing them, we are also treated the Toby Hadoke’s always insightful and humorous interviews with some of those who were there at the time – Directors of the modern era – even a Dalek himself!

The entire production gets my five star vote, well done everyone! It’s undoubtedly been well worth waiting for. Thank you. And I know Patrick would be amazed and delighted.

Anneke x


PS. Signed copies will be available again in a few weeks once we’ve dealt with the first orders.