The TARDIS arrives in 2070 AD on the Moon, where a weather control station under the command of a man named Hobson is in the grip of a plague epidemic – in reality the result of an alien poison planted by the Cybermen.

Polly realises that as the Cybermen’s chest units are made of plastic they must be vulnerable to attack by solvents. She and her friends manage to destroy all the Cybermen on the base with a ‘cocktail’ of such chemicals shot at them through fire extinguishers.

A second wave of Cybermen advances across the lunar surface but, prompted by the Doctor, Hobson uses the base’s gravity-generating weather control device, the Gravitron, to send them flying off into space.

Cast & Crew


The Doctor – Patrick Troughton
Ben Jackson – Michael Craze
Jamie – Frazer Hines
Polly – Anneke Wills
Benoit – Andre Maranne
Cyberman – John Wills
Cyberman – Sonnie Willis
Cyberman – Peter Greene
Cyberman – Keith Goodman
Cyberman – Reg Whitehead
Cyberman Voices – Peter Hawkins
Dr. Evans – Alan Rowe
Hobson – Patrick Barr
Nils – Michael Wolf
Ralph / Scientist – Mark Heath
Sam – John Rolfe
Scientist – Barry Ashton
Scientist – Derek Calder
Scientist – Arnold Chazen
Scientist – Leon Maybank
Scientist – Victor Pemberton
Scientist – Edward Phillips
Scientist – Ron Pinnell
Scientist – Robin Scott
Scientist – Alan Wells
Voice from Space Control – Alan Rowe
Voice of Controller Rinberg – Denis McCarthy


Director – Morris Barry
Assistant Floor Manager – Lovett Bickford
Costumes – Sandra Reid
Costumes – Mary Woods
Costumes – Daphne Dare
Designer – Colin Shaw
Film Cameraman – Peter Hamilton
Film Editor – Ted Walter
Incidental Music – stock
Make-Up – Gillian James
Make-Up – Jeanne Richmond
Producer – Innes Lloyd
Production Assistant – Desmond McCarthy
Special Sounds – Brian Hodgson
Story Editor – Gerry Davis
Studio Lighting – Dave Sydenham
Studio Sound – Gordon Mackie
Title Music – Ron Grainer and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, arranged by Delia Derbyshire
Writer – Kit Pedler

First Transmitted

1 – 11/02/1967 17:50
2 – 18/02/1967 17:50
3 – 25/02/1967 17:50
4 – 04/03/1967 17:50

Episodes 1 & 3 are missing from the BBC Archives.

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