The time travellers visit a human colony that appears to be a happy place run along the lines of an enormous holiday camp but has in fact been infiltrated and taken over by a race of giant crab-like creatures – the Macra. The brainwashed inhabitants are forced to mine a gas toxic to themselves but vital for their oppressors’ survival. Ben at one point comes under the Macra’s malign influence and turns against his friends. He eventually regains his senses, however, and under the Doctor’s guidance destroys the gas pumping equipment, thus killing the Macra and restoring the colony’s freedom.

Cast & Crew


The Doctor – Patrick Troughton
Ben Jackson – Michael Craze
Jamie – Frazer Hines
Polly – Anneke Wills
Alvis – Anthony Gardner
Barney – Graham Armitage
Broadcast Voice/Broadcast and Propaganda Voice – Richard Beale
Cheerleader – Roger Jerome
Cheerleader – Terry Wright
Cheerleader – Ralph Carrigan
Chicki – Sandra Bryant
Chicki – Karol Keyes
Controller – Graham Leaman
Control Voice – Denis Goacher
Drum Majorette – Maureen Lane
Guard – John Caesar
Guard – Steve Emerson
Guard – Danny Rae
Macra Operator – Robert Jewell
Medok – Terence Lodge
Officia – John Harvey
Ola – Gertan Klauber
Pilot – Peter Jeffrey
Questa – Ian Fairbairn
Sunnaa – Jane Enshawe


Director – John Davies
Assistant Floor Manager – Anne Faggetter
Costumes – Daphne Dare
Costumes – Vanessa Clark
Designer – Kenneth Sharp
Film Cameraman – Peter Hamilton
Film Editor – Eddie Wallstab
Incidental Music – Dudley Simpson
Make-Up – Gillian James
Make-Up – Jeanne Richmond
Producer – Innes Lloyd
Production Assistant – Chris D’Oyly John
Special Sounds – Brian Hodgson
Story Editor – Gerry Davis
Studio Lighting – Frank Cresswell
Studio Sound – Hugh Barker
Studio Sound – Gordon Mackie
Title Music – Ron Grainer and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, arranged by Delia Derbyshire
Writer – Ian Stuart Black

First Transmitted

1 – 11/03/1967 17:50
2 – 18/03/1967 17:50
3 – 25/03/1967 17:50
4 – 01/04/1967 17:50

All four episodes are missing from the BBC Archives.

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