Anneke was interviewed by The Big Issue about the DVD release of “The Strange World of Gurney Slade”. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

The Big Issue: “The Strange World of what…who…?”

Anneke: “It’s a lost classic. We made it a long time ago, way back in the beginning of the 60’s and then it disappeared. It deserves to be restored to its rightful place in the history of British humour.”

The Big Issue: “Even if people haven’t heard of the programme, would they be familiar with what it influenced?”

Anneke: “Without Gurney Slade you wouldn’t have had Monty Python. Without The Goons, we wouldn’t have anything at all. This is what the 60’s was about, bursting out of the restrictive 50’s was this wonderful, bubbling renaissance of creativity where everyone was being influenced by each other.

The Big Issue: “More importantly, without you we wouldn’t have that most wonderful of British traditions, the sexy Doctor Who companion.”

Anneke: “Absolutely, I’d been on The Saint and The Avengers when the BBC decided that Doctor Who needed a little “eye candy” for the dads. It was 1966, they wanted a swinging chick, and I came readymade for the job.”