Doctor Who: Sleeper Agents – Audio CD


Anneke Wills reads this Beyond the Doctor story featuring the Doctor’s former companions, Ben & Polly.

It’s July 1966, and Ben & Polly have just said goodbye to the Doctor at Gatwick Airport. Now they must return to their old lives – but things at home aren’t quite right. Polly’s cat is behaving oddly, and both she and Ben soon realise they are under close scrutiny. To complicate matters further, the pair must akcnowledge their true feelings for each other.

When they find themselves transported against their will to a far-flung destination, what matters most is their loyalty to each other – and to the Doctor.

Who are the mysterious Mr Harmer and Ms Leamann, and what can they possibly want with Polly & Ben?

Cover Signed by: Anneke Wills

Released March 2022

  • *Dedication

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