Doctor Who and the Tenth Planet – 1st Doctor Novelisation Audio CD


Anneke Wills reads this classic novelisation featuring the First Doctor’s original encounter with the Cybermen. The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Ben and Polly to a space tracking station in the Antarctic – and straight into trouble. A space mission is going badly wrong, and a new planet has appeared in the sky. Mondas, ancient fabled twin planet of Earth, has returned. Soon its inhabitants arrive. But while they used to be just like the humans of Earth, now they are very different. Devoid of emotions, their bodies replaced with plastic and steel, the Cybermen are here. Humanity needs all the help it can get, but as the Cybermen take over, the Doctor is dying… Gerry Davis’s novelisation of his own 1966 TV serial describes the lead-up to the Doctor’s first ever regeneration.

Signed by: Anneke Wills

Released December 2017.

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