Charlotte Pollard – Series One Box Set


Charlotte Pollard’s adventures are over. She escaped death aboard the R101 and travelled in time and space – but now in the service of the monolithic, unknowable Viyrans, their unending mission is stifling her. An encounter with would-be adventurer Robert Buchan, near the mysterious Ever-and-Ever-Prolixity, provides the opportunity Charley needs for escape…

So, the adventuress is abroad once more: meeting a lost expedition in uncharted forests, solving enigmas, and hoping beyond hope to see the people she misses most: her family. But Charley cannot run forever. The Viyrans know the power of the ‘Lamentation Cipher’ and they have a solution… for everything.

Part One: The Lamentation Cypher

Part Two: The Shadow at the Edge of the World

Part Three: The Fall of the House of Pollard

Part Four: The Viyran Solution

Written By: Jonathan Barnes and Matt Fitton
Directed By: Nicholas Briggs


India Fisher (Charlotte Pollard), Anneke Wills (Lady Louisa Pollard), Terrence Hardiman (Lord Richard Pollard), Michael Maloney (Viyrans), James Joyce (Robert Buchan), Nicholas Briggs (Bert Buchan/The Slaverings), Jacqueline King (Mrs Turnerman), Abigail McKern (Susan Broadstairs), Nicola Weeks (Charity Savage),Lucy May Barker (Emmeline Leigh), Charlie Norfolk (Violet Warren), David Dobson(Michael Dee), Louise Brealey (Millicent Belanger III), Nadia Kamil (Miss Griffin)

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