Personalised photos now available 7th July, 2018 - You can now order signed photos of Anneke with a dedication (five words max includes name(s). To see the range of photos click here.
Outstanding Achievement Award 2nd May, 2018 - Anneke Wills has been presented with a Doctor Who Appreciation Society Outstanding Achievement Award! The DWAS awards have been presented to cast and crew at conventions since the 1980s! Congrats Anneke! (More photos can be found on the DWAS  Instagram ‘dwasonline’.) Photos: DWAS
When The New Wave Came to Bristol: Remembering Some People 24th March, 2018 - Anneke recently attended a screening and panel discussion of the 1962 film Some People at The Watershed in Bristol. Director Clive Donner’s 1962 film Some People presents a fantastic and little-known early example of British ‘New Wave’ cinema, filmed in Eastmancolor and shot entirely on location in Bristol. The film, which starred Kenneth More, Ray Brooks, David
The Doctor Who Audio Annual 21st September, 2017 - A new CD will be released December 7th 2017. For two decades, from the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s, every fan of the Doctor hoped to find The Doctor Who Annual in their Christmas stocking. Larger than life and twice as colourful, the stories within were exuberant – and often charmingly naive – in their take on ‘the
Coming soon from Big Finish…three new audio adventures 3rd July, 2017 - Autumn 2017 sees the release of three new audio stories starring Anneke Wills. Doctor Who: The Night Witches October sees the crew of the Doctor, Ben, Polly and Jamie in the TARDIS, which materialises north of Stalingrad in 1942, the Doctor, Jamie, Ben and Polly are captured by the Night Witches, an all-female unit of
Doctor Who – The Bonfires of the Vanities 5th February, 2017 - Doctor Who – The Bonfires of the Vanities is the third story to be announced for June’s Doctor Who – The Companion Chronicles: The First Doctor Volume 2. Written by Sci-Fi novelist Una McCormack, directed by Lisa Bowerman, sound designed by Rob Harvey, and starring Anneke Wills and Elliot Chapman as Ben and Polly, the
The Power of the Daleks Bluray and DVD Steelbook 3rd December, 2016 - The Power of the Daleks Bluray and DVD Steelbook signed by Anneke Wills is now available to order. The 4 disc set includes a colour version of the story as well as other features. ORDER NOW!
The Return… 4th October, 2016 -    Thanks to James Kitto Photography ( for taking me back to Nanjizal Bay where we filmed the Doctor Who story “The Smugglers”.
The Power of the Daleks coming soon! 7th September, 2016 - Well! I’m thrilled to hear that The Power of the Daleks is being released as an animated story later this year. Such happy memories of Pat and Mike on our first story as the new TARDIS team. And what a terrific cast we had, Bernard Archard, Peter Bathurst, Robert James… and directed by dear Chris Barry. I look forward
I can’t believe it was 50 years ago! 25th June, 2016 - Mike Craze and me just back from a brilliant location shoot for one of our very favourite stories “The Smugglers” in Cornwall. And only a few weeks from that massive moment in Doctor Who’s history – Bill Hartnell’s departure. The first regeneration! And how could we have known that it would still be of interest
Doctor Who – The Companion Chronicles 23rd June, 2016 - Anneke Wills, Frazer Hines, Deborah Watling and Wendy Padbury present four new adventures for the Second Doctor and his companions. Featuring historical curiosities, bases-under-siege and, of course, rampaging monsters, Doctor Who: The Second Doctor Volume 1 presents four new stories for Patrick Troughton‘s iconic Time Lord, narrated and performed by the late actor’s screen co-stars. 10.1
The Macra Terror novelisation 8th June, 2016 - Anneke recently recorded the audio-book The Macra Terror for BBC Audio. In the far future a group of humans is living an idyllic existence on a distant planet. Their colony is run like a gigantic holiday camp and nothing seems to trouble their carefree existence. When one of them claims that the colony is being invaded
Doctor Who: Short Trips – Lost And Found 7th June, 2016 - The post-war London of 1948 is rebuilding, the people are recovering, and Ben and Polly have arrived with an old friend with a new face. But they’re not the only visitors. A very different kind of war is being fought, in a department store, and they are in the middle of it… Producer Ian Atkins Script
The Underwater Menace DVD 2nd September, 2015 - This 1967 Doctor Who adventure with Patrick Troughton as the Doctor and his travelling companions Polly (Anneke Wills), Ben (Michael Craze) and Jamie (Frazer Hines) is finally coming out DVD. This is the final DVD release of the classic series of Doctor Who. The TARDIS arrives on a extinct volcanic island. Before long, the travellers
Doctor Who: The Early Adventures 25th June, 2015 - Big Finish Productions have launched a brand new audio range. Doctor Who: The Early Adventures will comprise four-part stories starring the surviving lead cast members from Doctor Who’s black and white era. Anneke is back as Polly in two new adventures, The Yes Men and The Forsaken, with Elliot Chapman taking on the role of
Doctor Who: The Roundheads CD 20th April, 2015 - Now available on CD for the first time. An unabridged reading of Mark Gatiss’ novel set in the aftermath of the English Civil War, featuring the Second Doctor as played by Patrick Troughton and his companions Ben, Polly, and Jamie. With the Civil War won, the Parliamentarians are struggling to hang on to power. But plans are
New signed photos 21st January, 2015 - We have uncovered some new photos of Anneke from personal portraits to Doctor Who to Strange Report. You can order signed copies from the shop by clicking here.
Anneke Wills “In Focus” 30th June, 2014 - A LIFE IN IMAGES BY ANNEKE WILLS & PAUL W.T. BALLARD In Focus is a sumptuously illustrated collection of rare and previously unseen photographs chronicling the life and career of one of Doctor Who’s best-loved icons, Anneke Wills. Originally released in May 2012 as a limited edition hardback, the original print run sold out within
Anneke Wills and Terrence Hardiman are Charley’s Family! 20th March, 2014 - Lady Louisa Pollard is back! Anneke Wills returns as Charley’s mother in the upcoming Charlotte Pollard box set, and you can also meet her father, played by none other than Terrence Hardiman! It’s time for a family reunion in the upcoming Charlotte Pollard – Series One box set. During the course of the liberated Charley’s adventures, she finds a
The Moonbase DVD 22nd December, 2013 - This 1967 Doctor Who adventure with Patrick Troughton as the Doctor and his travelling companions Polly (Anneke Wills), Ben (Michael Craze) and Jamie (Frazer Hines) is out shortly on DVD. It’s 2070 and the TARDIS crew arrive on the Moon and set out to visit the Moonbase, a manned structure used to control the Earth’s
An Adventure in Space and Time – BFI premiere 12th October, 2013 - Anneke will be attending the premiere of An Adventure In Space And Time – the drama about the genesis of Doctor Who – on Tuesday 12th November. The 90-minute production for BBC Two has been written by Mark Gatiss, directed by Terry McDonough, and stars David Bradley as William Hartnell. Before it airs on TV screens, though, it is being shown first on
The Tenth Planet on DVD 8th October, 2013 - BBC Worldwide have released a clip from the animated episode 4 of The Tenth Planet. With the threat of the Cybermen foiled, Polly and Ben find the Doctor has beaten them to the TARDIS and closed the doors. As they hammer on the door, the controls operate of their own accord and the central column
Some People – a forgotten film! 19th May, 2013 - With the recent release of Some People on DVD by Network, Anneke has recounted her favourite memories (or Annekedotes) on working on this 1962 film starring Kenneth More and directed by Clive Donner. Pre-production “Some People was commissioned for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme so we had a great team. The music by Ron Grainer and Nic
The Macra Terror on CD 18th May, 2013 - Anneke recently recorded a new narration for the soundtrack of The Macra Terror for BBC Audio Go. The CD is part of the latest box set Doctor Who The Lost TV Episodes Collection 4: 1967 The box set contains 12 CDs presented in chronological order of transmission, the stories in this collection are ‘The Macra
Doctor Who and The Highlanders 18th May, 2013 - Anneke has recorded a reading of Doctor Who and The Highlanders for AudioGO. The audio-book is available on CD from all good stockists and this website. You can order signed copies of all Anneke’s Doctor Who soundtrack CDs from the on-line shop.
Special DVD Bonus: The regeneration begins 18th May, 2013 - Anneke Wills, Rob Shearman and Gary Russell discuss how the creation of the Doctor’s regeneration was a fantastic technique to continue the series. In a behind the scenes bonus feature, learn how the now-famous story arc started life. Great clip from The Krotons DVD Boxset, available now! Subscribe to the BBC Classic Doctor Who channel: BBC
Project MotorMouth 2 18th May, 2013 - Saturday 3rd August 2013 Copthorne Hotel Slough-Windsor, Cippenham Lane, Berkshire, SL1 2YE Janet Fielding has a new fight on her hands not against the Daleks or Cybermen but against cancer. Many of the companions from Doctor Who, including Anneke, are coming together for the day. It will not only raise money for a good cause
Radio Times interview 22nd March, 2012 - Anneke recently gave an interview to Patrick Mulkern at Radio Times discussing her life, Doctor Who and her thoughts on the 50th anniversary and a lot more! To read the interview click here.
Interview 23rd January, 2012 - You can read a new interview with Anneke on a website dedicated to the works of Klaus Kinski, Du dumme Sau – a Kinski Blog. Anneke discusses working on The Pleasure Girls with Francesca Annis and Ian McShane as well as discussing many of the television roles she played in the 1960s including Doctor Who
The Big Issue 5th September, 2011 - Anneke was interviewed by The Big Issue about the DVD release of “The Strange World of Gurney Slade”. Below is an excerpt from the interview. The Big Issue: “The Strange World of what…who…?” Anneke: “It’s a lost classic. We made it a long time ago, way back in the beginning of the 60’s and then