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The Power of the Daleks Bluray and DVD Steelbook

We’ll be closing the online shop on Friday 9th December until the new year. When it’s re-opened there will be signed copies of The Power of the Daleks bluray and DVD steelbook available to order. The 4 disc set includes a colour version of the story as well as other Read more

The Return…

   Thanks to James Kitto Photography ( for taking me back to Nanjizal Bay where we filmed the Doctor Who story “The Smugglers”. Read more

The Power of the Daleks coming soon!

Well! I’m thrilled to hear that The Power of the Daleks is being released as an animated story later this year. Such happy memories of Pat and Mike on our first story as the new TARDIS team. And what a terrific cast we had, Bernard Archard, Peter Bathurst, Robert James… and directed by dear Read more

Signed DVDs

The shop will be closing on 9th December and re-opening in the new year.